Hotep.Org  & the Imhotep Information Exchange  were organized and founded by Dr. R.A. Umar Shabazz Bey, a human rights monitor, philanthropist, family man, entrepreneur, beekeeper, publisher, author & lecturer committed to the heritage of Indigenous peoples and Justice for the  Pan-African Diaspora.

 Professor Bey, a former math and science teacher at Marcus Garvey Junior High School of Los Angeles, California, has conducted research projects, drafted legislation and international treaties, and presented lectures throughout the world, including at United Nations Peace Palace near Geneva, Switzerland for international conferences of Indigenous Peoples.


As a Muur, an American National ascendant of the earthen pyramid-building Ancient Ones, Dr. Bey served as the first U.N. ambassador for the people of the Emperial Washitaw Nation. As the creator of the World Renowned traveling Black Inventions Museums and currently the director of The Indira Mura Institute of the World University LLC, Dr. Umar Shabazz Bey continues his ongoing schedule of research and writing in the fields of independent education, ancient Muurish history, wholistic wellness, Effective Microorganism Technology, Alternative fuel generation and the Defense of Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples worldwide.


RA Umar S. Bey

PO BOX 65302 


(310) 916-1551 



Jamaal El & Umar Bey at 
the U.N. Peace Palace
Umar Bey atop the 
Great Pyramids in Khemet
Umar at the helm of the ship
 RaMauro & Umar at Itawa (Etowah) Pyramids
Cruising along the Nile River
Umar at  Karnak Temple, 
the Grand Lodge of Luxor
  Now you Know a lil’ About Us!

One Love is Law!
Geneva, Switzerland 1996

Watch Brother Umar Speak at one of the powerful women’s conferences organized by

Sis. Dr. Toni Muhammad

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