What is Hotep?


Hotep is a Khemetic (Ancient Egyptian) term with no direct translation into the American English Language.

Hotep   is most often used as a  Greeting or Salutation. 

 Hotep carries a spiritual connotation Granting Blessings  of Divine Peace and the Creator's Favor.

The hieroglyphic symbol for Hotep  is 

Hotep appears in the names of ancient Khemetic rulers and precepts like Amenhotep & Mentuhotep.


Imhotep, the world’s first multi-genius, was called ‘Imouthes’ in Greece and deified as Aesculapius, the Greek god of Medicine. Today, most doctors are aware of the Hippocratic Oath and its pledge referencing the Proverb-maker, Imhotep.

Loosely translated, He who Cometh in Peace”, Imhotep was Chief Physician and Grand  Vizier (Prime Minister) to King Zoser, the Egyptian Pharoah in the 3rd Dynasty (5345-5307) B.C. But, he was more than just a noble statesman and doctor. Imhotep was also an astronomer, mathematician, engineer, poet, musician, philosopher, and the architect who designed and constructed the first stone building, the step pyramid at Saqqara near Cairo, Egypt, defining architecture for the world.

For more, read the works of Dr. Yusef Ben-Jochannan & Prof. John G. Jackson, Introduction to African Civilizations




(Metu Neter)